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Braukmann Balancing valves for energy saving and increased comfort

In a hydronically balanced heating system, components work more efficiently than in a non-hydronically balanced heating system, thus reducing investment and energy costs. The savings potential for newer and energy-renovated buildings can be up to 10%. The resulting reduction in CO2 emissions provides an active contribution to environmental protection.

In addition, by optimising the water distribution throughout the heating system, hydronic balancing increases overall comfort as heat is distributed evenly across all rooms. Radiators no longer “whistle” and “hiss”, and after cooling during the night, rooms will quickly warm up again within the expected time.

With dynamic hydronic balancing the potential energy savings can be up to 10%


Applications & products

Resideo is a system partner for heating systems you can rely on. Our innovative and high-quality products enable solutions from a single source and have long provided high levels of customer satisfaction.

Central heating - two-pipe system

Central Heating – heat interface units

Central heating - One pipe system

Fan coil - 2-conductor system

Fan coil - four-conductor system

Surface temperature control - underfloor heating

Surface temperature control - chilled ceilings

Air handling units – air heaters