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Thermal Disinfection Of Hot Water

Hygienically clean drinking water is delivered from the water supply companies to the premises. At this point, the responsibility for drinking water quality is transferred to the owner. It is up to the owner to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the drinking water system. Poor operation and maintenance will significantly increase health risks by exposing the occupants to water borne pathogens.

Hot water distribution is a critical factor: If the hot water temperature in the house is constantly regulated and monitored, pathogens such as legionella have no chance of survival. For safe protection, high water temperatures of >55 °C are necessary. The German Environment Ministry considers a hot water temperature of 55-60°C necessary for hygienic heated water. Keeping within this range is also considered the optimum temperature range for energy efficient operation.


Applications & Products

According to DVGW worksheet W551, a minimum of 60°C temperature must be reached in the hot water storage tank. Due to the circulation, the water must be returned to the storage tank at a minimum of 55°C. This task is carried out by a circulation pump. This ensures the required supply temperature is maintained and pathogens are killed. In order to realise the even distribution of water temperature, a controlled flow through all the pipes of the drinking water installation is necessary. As different plant components have different pressure losses, the differential pressures of the individual hot water pipes must be determined and adjusted by "adjustable resistors" in the pipe network. This hygiene calibration usually takes place by means of pre-settable control fittings. Where there is too much water, the water flow is slowed by the pre-setting.

Honeywell offers the right solution for every installation.

System with static hydraulic circulation adjustment

Dynamic, continuous thermally balanced system

Dynamic, thermally balanced system in terms of levels