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V5012C Kombi-Diaphragm Unit; Setting range 30...60 kPa (4.35...8.7 psi) differential pressure; for V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE DN10...DN40

Product Description

The V5012C Kombi-DP diaphragm unit is installed onto a V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE or V5032 Kombi-2-plus return mains balancing valve and connected to a V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED or V5100 Stop Valve-3 supply mains valve with the supplied impulse tube.

It is used in systems with variable volume flows, for example two-pipe heating systems or district heating exchangers, and supports a hydronic balance by keeping the differential pressure over consumers at a constant preset level even under changing flow conditions. The V5012C Kombi-DP diaphragm unit can be fitted to the Kombi-Valves at any time, even when the system is under pressure and in operation - operation of the system does not have to be interrupted to install the V5012C Kombi-DP.

Technical Properties

Differential pressure setpoint range 30 ... 60 kPa
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Nominal pressure PN10
Max. delta P 2 bar
Pre-setting Yes
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC

Stainless steel, Brass, EPDM, Copper

  • Retrofittable without interrupting operation of the system
  • Rugged design
  • Two presetting ranges available: 0.1...0.3 bar or 0.3...0.6 bar differential pressure
  • Suitable for V5010 Kombi-3-Plus BLUE DN10...DN40