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Insulation shells, for valves DN32

Product Description

VA2510C insulation shells are attached to suitable pipeline valves after valve installation and setup. They are suitable for Kombi and Alwa-type balancing and pipeline valves with small limitations - please see data sheet for details.

Technical Properties

General description
  • Retrofittable at any time
  • Self-clamping
  • Suitable for all Honeywell Home Y-pattern pipeline valves
DN size 32 mm
Max. media temperature 100 oC
Body pattern Y-pattern
Materials EPP
Colour anthracite
Additional Descriptions

Heating valves:

  • V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED
  • V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE
  • V5032 Kombi-2-plus
  • V5100 Stop - Valve 3 1
  • V9010 Kombi - RSV
Additional description

Drinking water valves:

  • V181x Alwa-Kombi-4
  • V4020 Alwa-FS
  • V4120 Alwa-KFR
  • V4220 Alwa-R