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Radio Unit (Emitter)

Product Description

The Honeywell RNN5 network node collectors are designed to receive and store the data transmitted within the AMR System (Automatic Metering Readout System) of the associated devices (Heat Cost Allocators, Heat- and Water-Meters and associated RF-modules) 

They are available as battery powered or 230 V powered variants. All RNN5 node collector communicate data with each other units if they are in the same network. This means that AMR data from all associated devices can be read from any RNN5 collector within the system. The RNN5 are normally operating with the RNG5 gateway for wireless data readout from different devices within the AMR system. Up to 5 AMR networks can operate within one RNG5. The RNN5 can also be used with the WFZ.R5RC (Radio Unit Receiver) for wireless data readout from the associated AMR devices. This WFZ.RM5C receiver is measuring as well the radio signal strength and so enable the installer to select the optimum position for the network node in any AMR system. The RNN5 are equipped as well with a standard plug connector for M-Bus service connection. The RNN5.USB-1 USB adaptor allows Firmware reprogramming and reading of node and network. The RNN5 network nodes powerful radio system works well in complex buildings even when there are fire doors and glass walls. 

Typical applications include:

  • Apartment blocks
  • Office buildings
  • Business Centres