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Drinking Water Filtration

The potable water leaves the waterworks in perfect quality. As it is carried to the consumer, it can pick up various particles such as rust particles and grains of sand. Such particles can cause considerable problems such as pipe corrosion, breakages and malfunctions with outlet fittings, washing machines and dishwashers. New domestic installations are especially at risk, because the pipe surfaces are still uncoated and protective layers are missing.

To protect the domestic water installation, the installation of a filter is necessary. They filter the potable water from all undissolved substances without affecting the hygienic and chemical properties of the water.


Applications & Products

​​​High-performance filter technology and a patented backwash system make the Braukmann devices essential components of modern drinking water installations. The filter combinations are equipped with an integrated pressure reducer. An automatic reverse rinsing actuator can be retrofitted.

Backflow preventer
Check valve
Pressure gauge, inlet pressure
Pressure gauge, outlet pressure
Patented double
Spin technology
Manual reverse rinsing
Automatic reverse rinsing
Connection size
Installation position
Insulation shell
Reverse rinsing filter
½",¾",1", 1¼", 1½",2"