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Multi zone control
Installing a multi zone system means that there can be independent time and temperature control of each zone. This allows the heating to be programmed to suit the use of the room and the lifestyle of the occupant

You can also integrate both the hot water and underfloor heating into the one system and control the whole system via a smartphone or tablet.


What is zoning?

Zoning allows you to divide your home into separate areas based on your lifestyle, so you can heat areas depending on when and where you spend time in your home.

Heating the whole house as one zone is like controlling all your lights from one switch. Zoning lets you heat specific areas as and when you use them for maximum comfort at minimum cost.

It’s possible to heat your home more intelligently and economically with as little as two zones but for maximum efficiency you may wish to consider a multi-zone system.

Is zoning right for me?

A simple two-zone system could be right for you if you wish to heat the rooms downstairs such as a living room, dining room and kitchen during the day and only heat the bedrooms upstairs in the evening. Alternatively, you may wish to consider adding extra heating zones if you have any of the following rooms that are used less frequently:

Study or home office
It is areas such as studies or home offices that are important when considering zoning as you almost never use these areas at the same time as you use the rest of the house. Zoning these areas will allow you to ensure that you don't use energy heating them when you don't need to or heat the rest of the house when you do.

Conservatories require separate consideration as they heat up and cool down faster than normal rooms. In the times when you require heating for your conservatory, make it a separate zone and that gives you full control over heating times and temperatures.

Guest bedrooms
Why heat all your bedrooms when you are not using them - make your guest bedrooms into zones, keep them frost protected and ensure that you only heat them when you need to - all the control you need to keep you comfortable and energy efficient