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Inlet check valve, Connction size 2"

Product Description

Check valves of this type are particularly suitable for integral use with pressure reducing valves, filters and filter combinations of all types. Check valves are safety devices for independent prevention of water backflow, for example from drinking water appliances back into the central water supply system. They can also be used for industrial, commercial and similar systems where back pressure, back flow and back syphonage must be prevented.The classicfications of appliances to meet these requirements are specified in EN 1717.

Technical Properties




Drinking Water

Liquid category (EN1717) class 2
DN size 50 mm
Port connection external threads
Port diameter 2 inch
Max. media temperature 65/ 90 (short term) oC
Flow capacity Kvs 70
Body material brass
Additional Descriptions
  • Universal application
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Creates no shock pressure loadings
  • Suitable for installation in any position
  • Low pressure loss
  • All materials are UBA conform
Set pressure 0,01 bar
Maximum inlet pressure 25 bar