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Evotouch Table stand. Table stand and power supply.

Product Description

The updated third generation of the Evotouch multi zone central heating control now with heating and cooling, advanced weather functionality, patented ON/OFF boiler control, direct heatpump control and integrated Wifi allowing connectivity with the Total Connect Comfort Smart phone App.

The Evotouch central controller can operate twelve independent time and temperature controlled zones (rooms) plus stored hot water systems. Each zone has its own full seven day program with a range of overrides and One touch actions to make using the system fast and convenient.

The controller Evotouch is part of the evohome room control system and communicates wirelessly with radiator controllers, sensors and actuators with the proven 868 MHz wireless Ramses II RF technology. This allows the majority of heating systems to be upgraded with a minimum of disruption or re-wiring and is backward compatible with existing Honeywell Ramses II product.

Evohome can be remotely controlled via Android and Apple smartphones and linked to other Smart Home functionality using third party systems via IFTTT and Amazon Echo. It will control system with radiators, under floor heating, stored hot water, electric zones or a mixture of heating types in a home or office environment.

Evohome provides the highest possible level of efficiency and intelligent control to apartments, family homes, Basic/Combi/Opentherm boilers, gas/oil/electric/solid fuel boilers plus air or ground source heat pumps.

  • evohome controller for individual zoning control a single or up to 12 zones per controller
  • unrivalled comfort, control and energy saving
  • fully customisable to suit individual heating systems and lifestyles
  • remote connectivity allowing Smartphone control away from home
  • intuitive 11 language operating menu structure and user guided programming
  • large colour backlit touch screen display with easy to read zone and temperature information
  • modern design with exchangeable front covers; available separately ATF700
  • improved and simplified binding operation to reduce installation time and cost
  • proven wireless communication (no disruption of interior decor, ideally suitable for existing homes)
  • adaptive heating control continually adapts to climate and system heat load thought the year
  • optimisation features calculates heat-up and cool-down time allowing programming of actual heating needs
  • evotouch is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries AA 1,2V NiMH and a charging stand allowing it to be used off the charging stand for a number of hours