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Agriculture and Horticulture Solutions from Ermaf

In the field of animal husbandry applications, Ermaf has more than 45 years of practical experience worldwide with hot-air blowers specially developed for use in intensive livestock breeding such as for poultry, pigs and cattle. Ermaf has also developed special stainless steel hot-air blowers, which have a very good reputation worldwide, for applications in horticulture.

The safety components in Ermaf air heaters comply with the highest standards due to their Class A valves and ionization flame control. Ermaf devices do, of course, comply with European standards as well as with the requirements of countries outside Europe.

We sell more than products. It’s very important that all air heaters are correctly chosen, correctly placed and installed. Once in the field, a proper servicing can prolong device life and ensure heating efficiency. We support new customers, installers and service departments with theoretical and practical training.