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Product Description

Domestic water centre for single or multifamily houses of up to 4 parties

Technical Properties

Approvals All components are DVGW certified
Media Drinking water
DN size 20 mm
Port connection internal threads
Port diameter 3/4 inch
Mounting position horizontal
Nominal pressure PN16
Outlet pressure 1,5 ... 6 bar
Max. media temperature 30 oC
Flow capacity Kvs 4,2
Body material brass, dezincification resistant
Spring bonnet material synthetic material
Filter mesh 100 micron
Transparant strainer chamber Yes
Setpoint scale No
Balanced seat design Yes
Filter type reverse rinsing
Reverse rinsing with filtered water Yes
Integrated non-return device Yes
Additional Descriptions
  • Modular construction
  • Ready for connecting a water-softening unit
  • Ready for connecting a heating fill or refill unit
  • Expandable with additional cold water connections
  • Two water pressure strengths: The filtered water is available unreduced for the garden and garage water connection, or reduced for comfortable water usage in the house (only with DWC7000-1AA and DWC7000-1AAHR. Retrofitting of the DWC7000-1AAOA with the complete connection set SOV70-3/4AA is possible).
  • User-friendly - users only need to open the view window to carry out reverse rinsing
  • Elegant - domestic water installation is brought together in one insulated housing
  • Connection to the drinking water heater consists of a shut-off valve, a testable backflow preventer, and a safety valve
  • Reverse rinsing actuator can be easily and quickly retrofit with bayonet connection•Both pressure gauges of the filter combination and the drip-ping water of the safety valve are easy to inspect because of the transparent view window
  • Red indicator on the view window for setting the next reverse rinsing
  • 3-point installation system so that unevenness and sloping walls can be offset
  • Supply line connection can be changed from left to right connection if required
  • Connection option for sampling valve available
  • Front and back pressure gauges are end point resilient