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Dual Aquastat direct mounting, L6191A

Dual Aquastat direct mounting, L6191A

Dual Aquastats for two independent controls housed under a single cover.

Product Description

Dual Aquastats for two independent controls housed under a single cover.
  • CONTROLLER: setting with knob with index, limit stop at high end, terminals quick connect and screw, SPDT switch
  • LIMITER: internal setting

Thermostat for limiting and controlling boiler water temperature in hydronic heating systems.

Technical Properties

Ambient temperature 0..70 oC
Electrical rating
  • 10A at 250Vac, resistive load
  • 2,5A at 250Vac, inductive load
  • 15A at 250Vac, locked rotor
  • 2A at 24Vac, inductive load
Terminals 6.3 mm quick connect, suitable for 1/4" receptacle
Mounting direct mounting
Capillary length 55 mm
Cover and Conduit box Yes


Product Type Product description

CONTROLLER: diff temp 4..10°C, setting with knob/index/limit, jumper; LIMITER: diff temp 4°C, internal setting; BOTH: temp range 40..110°C, SPDT, quick connect/screw; WELL included

CONTROLLER: temp range 25..95°C, SPDT, setting with knob/index/limit; LIMITER: internal setting 101°C, SPST, gold contact; BOTH: diff temp 4°C, quick connect/screw

CONTROLLER: temp range 50..95°C, SPDT, diff temp 4°C, setting with knob/index/limit, quick connect/screw; LIMITER: internal setting 101°C SPST, manual reset, quick connect, gold contact