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Product Description

For individual room control, fan coil units and small re-heaters/re-coolers; hot water or cold water (max. 50% glycol), water quality VDI2035.

Technical Properties

Valve series V5823C
Valve type 3-way mixing, bypass
Medium type water
DN size 20 mm
Media temp. 2 ... 120 oC
Kvs value 2.5
Close off pressure with 90N motor 50 kPa
Flow char. mod.equal%
Nominal pressure PN16
Action to open stem down
Close off pressure with 180N motor 100 kPa
Materials body brass, stem stainless steel, plug brass
Connection diameter 1 1/8" x 14 inch
Stroke 6.5 mm
Port connection ext. thread con. sealing
Additional Descriptions Valves are supplied with adjustment cap (not for on/off types). If the main-port (A-AB) is equal percentage, the B-AB port is linear. The valve capacity of B-AB is one stage smaller.