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More than 150 million homes and 10 million buildings and industrial sites worldwide rely on Honeywell Home to control and protect their indoor environment! We are perfectly suited to bridge the gap between the rising demand for more personal comfort, convenience and worki​​​​ng efficiency on one hand and the growing scarcity of natural resources and rising energy costs on the other. Our products and systems control temperature, humidity, air quality, potable water, lighting and appliances in homes and buildings. Major customers include home and building owners and business customers, such as original equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consulting engineers, architects and many more.

Exceeding customer expectations

Our business partners want problem-free performance when they buy Honeywell Home products to use in their buildings, manufacturing facilities and customers' homes. They also want fresh ideas that help them build their future. Business success is a moving target, and here's how we get better and better each year at providing products and services to your organization:


As a strategy, Six Sigma is a way for Honeywell Home to achieve performance breakthroughs. The processes at a Six Sigma company operate at only 3.4 defects per million opportunities -- or 99.9997% error-free. And it applies to every function in our company, not just those on the factory floor. That means Marketing, Finance, Product Development, Business Services, and Engineering do it right the first time and exceed our customers' application and performance expectations.


Simplified, or "lean," processes improve workflow throughout every function of the supply chain -- all designed to meet our customers' delivery requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

We have great people working on great teams, generating world-class results. Our teams typically have members from every level of the organization focused on improving processes to first understanding our customers' needs, then meeting -- and even exceeding -- their expectations. Customers are recognizing the value we create for them and rewarding us with larger orders. By delighting our customers we'll achieve our aggressive growth goals -- and help you achieve yours!