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Honeywell European Locations

Present in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Honeywell is close to its customers and therefore present in all major EMEA markets.

Beyond that we maintain a series of Research, Development and Manufacturing locations throughout Europe, committed to supply you with leading-edge technology.

Schoenaich, Germany

Location focussing on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control solutions.

Product/brand names:

Excel 5000 OPEN, Hometronic, CentraLine, Fema

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales offices
  • Marketing functions

Honeywell GmbH
Böblinger Straße 17
D-71101 Schönaich/Germany

Honeywell Germany schoenaich offices

Mosbach, Germany

Location focussing on potable water, hydronic heating and cooling solutions.

Product/brand names:

D06F, HS10S, T100, Alwa, TMX

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales offices
  • Marketing functions

Honeywell GmbH
D-74821 Mosbach/Germany

honeywell Germany mosbach offices

Newhouse, Scotland

Location focusing on control solutions that provide energy savings and enhanced comfort.

Product/brand names:

Room thermostats, programmable thermostats (Chronotherm, Round Clockstat, Vision Pro Modulation) in wired and wireless versions, Timers, Zoning Systems (CMZone)

  • Research and Development
  • RF Testing Facilities
  • Product Marketing
  • Sales Offices

Newhouse Industrial Estate,

 honeywell scotland newhouse offices

Emmen, The Netherlands

Location focusing on gas control systems for Residential and Commercial boilers and Industrial Heating Applications

Product/brand names:

CVI, VK, VR400, VE and VQ

  • Research and Development of all gas valves
  • Manufacturing of CVI valves (Die Casting, Machining and final Assembly)
  • Marketing functions

Honeywell B.V.
Phileas Foggstraat 7
The Netherlands

netherlands honeywell emmen offices

Brno, Czech Republic

Location is focussing on production of heating, combustion and ignition control products. Location consist of three Production Divisions - Combustion Control Electronics (CCE), Combustion Control Valves (CCV) and Environmental.

Product/brand names:

CCE: Electronic Control Boards (Vulcano, CVBC, Nedap, BF, DSP, Vulcano Excelance, DM)
CCV: Gas Valves, Propane-Calor Gas, Natural Gas, Thermo Regulators (Gastep, Compact Automatic, Compact Basic, ICGC, Aquastat)
Environmental: TRV Heads, Thermostatic radiator valves, Verafix, Underfloor heating, Kombi-2, Kombi-3, ALWA, 3ways valve insert (ASAHI, NEFIT, ALBRAND, BUDERUS, BBT)


  • Manufacturing

Honeywell, spol. s r.o. - Brno o.z.
Tuřanka 96/1236
CZ - 627 00 Brno
Czech Republic

czech republic brno honeywell offices

Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Manufacturing location concentrating on combustion control solutions, as well as actuators for HVAC control in buildings.

Product/brand names:

UGV, Satronic

Core process:

  • Electro-mechanical assembly

Honeywell Hőtechnikai Kft.
Dózsa György u. 147.

hungary honeywell nagy offices