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Radiator Thermostat Thera-2080WL with remote sensor for water and air

Product Description

Thermostats of this type are proportional controller without external energy requirement for the temperature-dependent control of warm air heaters, hot water generators, heat exchangers, etc.

The remote sensor is directly immersed into the medium. Alternatively a sensor immersion pocket is available separately as an accessory. Thermostats of this type with M30 x 1.5 connection are suitable for all Honeywell Home TRV bodies and Radiator inserts, all Honeywell Home valve series M, as well as other TRV bodies and radiator inserts with M30 x 1.5 Connection and 11.5 mm closing dimension.

Technical Properties

Body-head connection M30 x 1,5
Temp. setpoint range 20 ... 70 oC
  • Remote sensor for water and air
  • Equipped with memory-clip
  • Equipped with limiting and blocking tabs
Robust design Yes
Sensing element remote, water/air
Temperature element liquid-filled
Capillary tube length 2 m
Closing dimension 11.5 mm
Zero-position No
Setpoint limiting Yes
Setpoint blocking Yes
Colour white
Additional Descriptions P-bands given in the literature of above valve bodies double when used with the 2080WL.