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Smarthome water leak and freeze detectors

Leaking water, frozen pipes, and excessive humidity can cause serious damage. However, if such problems are quickly identified and mitigated, annoying damage to floors, walls, and furniture as well as costly repairs can be avoided. Bathrooms, utility rooms, and pipes in the basement are particularly at risk – rooms in which residents are not always present.
Water leak and freeze detectors are suitable for constant monitoring of these seldom-used areas. Using special sensors, they track water leaks, humidity, and temperatures and warn the homeowners with an acoustic signal as well as information sent to the user's mobile device - so that action can be taken even when on the way.


Application and Products

The W1 Wi-Fi water leak and freeze detector informs the homeowner of water damage swiftly – by siren and as a warning notification on the smartphone – and thus offers an additional application for Honeywell Home's Home App.

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W1 Wi-Fi water and frost alarm

Battery 3 AA alkaline batteries (included)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 78x78x32 mm
Accessories sensor cable 1.2m (extensions possible)
Sound alarm 100 dBA
Temperature detection 0-60 °C
Moisture detection 0-100 % RH (± 3 % RH)
Temperature and humidity measurement hourly
Water measurement every 60 seconds
Temperature and humidity report daily