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Braukmann heating system protection

Safe heating should not be taken for granted. For a long-lasting and efficient heating system, conditioned heating water is required. This is because its composition has a major influence on the trouble-free operation of a heating system. Perfectly treated heating water prevents scale formation, corrosion and silting. The requirements for heating water are described in detail in the guideline VDI 2035


In addition, drinking water must be protected against contamination from heating water in accordance with the valid standard DIN EN1717. When filling the heating system, this standard requires the use of a protective valve to ensure reliable separation of heating and drinking water. Because, especially when refilling via a temporary hose connection, there is a risk that heating water can get into the drinking water.


Applications & Products

Water stays in the heating system of the heat carrier for several decades. Therefore, the initial filling as well as the refilling of the heating water is of great importance. This determines the efficiency and the lifespan of the heating system.

The development of heating technology towards increasingly compact and efficient heat transfer surfaces with a simultaneous trend towards multi-boiler systems makes the choice of the heating system and its components increasingly important: Functional safety, economy and comfort are at the forefront.

Resideo is a system partner for heating systems you can rely on. Our innovative and high-quality products enable solutions to have a long life providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Protection against
liquid category 3
Protection against
liquid category 4
Group / type according to
DIN EN 1717
incl. pressure reducer
incl. shut-off
Group / type according to
VDI 2035
With softening cartridge
With desalination cartridge
Optimised maintenance thanks to
high-speed concept
De-silting and de-gassing
Installation pipeline-based
Installation tap-based
Smart monitoring
Drinking water protection
Plant protection
BA295D-1/2ASC BA295D- 3/4 WH BA295D- 3/4 WHD

Refilling combination with demineralisation
Refill combination
Sludge and Air Separator
Magnetic Heating Filter
R 1/2“ R 3/4“ R 3/4“ R 1/2“ R 1/2“ R 1/2“ R 1/2“ R 1“ CU 22+28mm