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Drinking water protection with Braukmann backflow preventers

Drinking water is our most important resource. It is needed every day for drinking, cooking and washing. However, in order to keep it clean and hygienic, and therefore harmless to health, it must be protected in the pipes of the drinking water systems. A vital factor for a hygienically clean water supply is the protection of the drinking water in the pipeline system from contamination by non-drinking water. This is governed by the standard DIN EN1717 Drinking water protection and water hygiene according to EN1717.

DIN EN1717 divides all liquids into five categories based on the potential hazards for the person who might be exposed to this water. It also establishes the need for safeguarding to guarantee reliable drinking water protection.​



Applications & Products

​With Resideo you have a partner to protect you against hazards from all fluid categories and that offers the right solution for safety fittings.

Category 1 (Drinking water)

Category 2 (altered drinking water, no health hazard)

Category 3 (moderate health hazard)

Category 4 (strong health hazard, non-biological)

Category 5 (severe health hazard, biological)

Protection up
to liquid category
Connection type: Threaded
Connection type: Flanged
Drinking water application
Heating water application
For domestic application
For commercial application
For industrial application
Housing material
Family according to EN 1717
Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer
2,3 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4
R 1/2“ + R 3/4“ R 1/2“ – R 2“
DN65 – DN150 DN65 – DN200
Brass Brass Stainless Steel Cast Iron