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Kombi-TRV - simple and robust one-valve solution for automatic heating system balancing

Slow or cold radiators, system noise, poor comfort, high heating bills and costly service visits - these are the consequences of an unbalanced heating system. This can all be avoided by hydronic balancing. Manual system balancing is often time consuming or requires complex piping and pressure loss calculations. Honeywell Home now offers a simple and robust solution for two-pipe heating systems with differential pressure up to 60 kPa and flows up to 145 l/h: Kombi-TRV, a thermostatic radiator valve with inbuilt differential pressure controller.
This combination of two valves in one ensures optimal room temperature control and easy automatic hydronic balancing. Piping and pressure loss calculations are not needed, it requires only the max design flow to be set directly on the Kombi-TRV. The inbuilt pressure controller ensures that the set max flow is maintained under varying system pressure conditions, simply and easily eliminating the common consequences of an unbalanced heating system.


Application & product

Two-pipe heating system

The new Kombi-TRV V2100 is a very effective solution for hydraulic balancing in conventional two-pipe heating systems. It fits in place of conventional TRVs and ensures optimal heat distribution. Because of its standard dimensions it can be easily fitted in renovation as well as new build projects. It is recommended for systems with
  • max. differential pressure 60 kPa
  • max. design flow 145 l/h
  • complex or unknown risers designs
  • main risers/returns are difficult to access or are distant from each other
  • few radiators on risers
Kombi-TRV V2100 offers a unique design making it the most robust solution on the market
Technical data
Media Standard medium: Water or water-glycol mixture, quality to VDI 2035
pH-value: 8 - 9.5
Connections/Sizes Body-head connection: M30 x 1.5
Sizes: DN10, DN15, DN20
Operating temperatures Max. operating temperature medium: 120 °C (248 °F)
Min. operating temperature medium: 2 °C (35.6 °F)
Pressure values Max. operating pressure: PN10, 10 bar (1000kPa)
Max. differential pressure: 0.6 bar (60 kPa)
Pressure values Min. differential pressure: 0.1 bar (10 kPa)
Flow rates Flow range: 20 - 145 l/h
Presetting accuracy: 15 %
Max. nominal flow at 10 kPa (EN 215): 120 l/h
Minimum flow: 10 l/h
Maximum flow: 160 l/h
Specifications Closing dimension: 11.5 mm
Stroke: 0.8 mm
Factory setting: position 8 (fully open)
Identification - Blue protection cap with embossed 'PI' on the top
- Blue plastic dial on the top of valve insert


Kombi-TRV V2100
1 Differential pressure controller:
permanently reflects the varying system pressure conditions. As soon as the inlet pressure fluctuates, the pressure controller closes or opens correspondingly, maintaining the pressure across the valve constant. Consequently also the set max. design flow remains constant - independent of system pressure fluctuations - eliminating under or over supply.

2 Pressetting dial:
the simple 1-8 scale enables you to quickly set any max. design flow between 20-145 l/h. Setting can be done by standard wrench size 7 or a special setting key.
3 Compatibility:
M30x1,5 thread ensures compatibility with all standard Honeywell Home radiator thermostats for valves with 2,5 mm stroke and closing dimension 11,5 mm.
4 Valve plunger:
defines the max. design flow and regulates the flow through the radiator reflecting the ambient room temperature being controlled by the thermoelement in radiator thermostat.

Technical Support

TRV-Setting app

Find the right presetting for Honeywell Home valves with just a few clicks. Practical assistance for installation technicians - in the office or at the construction site.