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100 litres

Product Description

Honeywell Home EW370 Series Woltman flow meters are used for volume measurement of heating or chilled water in hydronic heating and cooling systems.

They have a mechanical roller counter with fixed pulse output for connection to an energy calculator, e.g. Honeywell Home EW500 Series, or remote readout applications. When combined with an EW500 energy calculator they act as flow sensor and provide volume measurement to the energy calculator. When combined with an EW535M0056 pulse to M-Bus converter they can be integrated into an M-Bus network.

Technical Properties


MID (Class 3) 

Medium heating or chilled water
DN size 150 mm
Connection Flanges PN16
Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
Media temp. 0,1 ... 130 oC
Nominal flow (qp) 200 m3/h
Length 300 mm
Measuring process woltmann wheel
Display functions

Six- or seven-digit roller counter

Interface Pulse out
Interface type Fixed
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Pulse out as standard
  • Low pressure loss
  • Rugged design for long-term accuracy
Protection class IP66
Ambient temperature 5 ... 55 oC