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Refilling combination Liquid catagory 4, with pressure gauge, shutoff valve and isolating shell

Product Description

The refilling combination serves filling and refilling of closed heating systems according to DIN EN 12828:2014-07. It can be connected in accordance with EN 1717:2000 permanently with the drinking water supply. The refilling combination combines a BA type backflow preventer, pressure reducing valve and two ball valves in one appliance. The unit consists of all needed devices for refilling a heating installation according to conforming standards are contained.

Technical Properties

Approvals DVGW

Drinking water

Port connection external threads
Mounting position horizontal
Outlet pressure 1,5 ... 4 bar
Max. media temperature 65 oC

Dezincification resistant brass housing, complete backflow preventer with discharge connection, valve cartridge and valve insert in high-grade synthetic material, fibre-reinforced EPDM diaphragm, NBR and EPDM seals, spring steel adjustment spring, stainless steel fine filter mesh.

Filter mesh 200 micron
Liquid category (EN1717) class 4
Inlet pressure range 2 ... 10 bar
Preset Outlet Pressure 1,5 bar
Additional description
  • Permanent connection with the drinking water supply in accordance with EN 1717 by hose line or piping is possible
  • Optimal protection of the drinking water supply system
  • Pressure reducing valve with inlet pressure balancing - inlet pressure fluctuation does not influence the outlet pressure
  • Outlet pressure adjustable and directly visible on the pressure gauge
  • Low maintenance effort - cartridge insert and valve insert are completely replaceable
  • Meets KTW/ W270 regulations for drinking water