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VTL320 Control sets for radiators with side connectors

VTL320 Control sets for radiators with side connectors

The VTL320 control sets are compatible with side-connected "C" type radiators...

Product Description

The VTL320 control sets are compatible with side-connected "C" type radiators. The proposed sets contain different products, as below:

  • Radiator Thermostat T3001W0 (M30x1.5 connection, setpoint 0..28 oC, with 0-position)
  • Thermostatic radiator valve V2000 with BB type valve cartridge without presetting.
  • Pre-settable radiator lockshield valve V2420 for the return with shut-off and regulation facility

For water-based heating systems.

Technical Properties


Radiator thermostat fulfill the European Standard EN215.

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Port connection internal threads
Connection diameter 1/2 inch
Nominal pressure PN10
Max. delta P 1 bar
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC
Kvs value 0,62

Valve housing made of nickel-plated hot-forged brass. Valve insert with EPDM O-rings and stainless steel spindle. Tailpiece, protection cap and union-nut made of nickel-plated brass.

Place in installation supply


Product Type Body pattern
Consists of

reversed angle

T3001W0 + V2000ABB15 + V2420E0015


T3001W0 + V2000BBB15 + V2420E0015


T3001W0 + V2000DBB15 + V2420D0015


T3001W0 + V2000EBB15 + V2420E0015

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Theft-protection ring, white (RAL9016) TA6900A001  
Tool for assembly of radiator thermostats VA8210A001  
Range stops (20 white, RAL9016) TA3000C002  
Service tool to replace valve insert for all V2000 types: SX, FX, LX, BB, UB and for legacy types: Kx, SL, SLGB, Mira VA8200A001  
Special Verafix tool VA8300A001  
Draining adapter for all sizes VA3300A001  

Spare parts

Image Description Product Type Downloads
BB type valve insert VS1200BB01  
Sealing ring for cover cap, for all sizes VS3302A001  
Cover cap Verafix-E, for all sizes VS3301C001