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Safety valve. Opening pressure 8 bar

Product Description

Diaphragm safety valves of this type are used to protect closed hot drinking water systems according to EN 806-2.

In accordance with statutory requirements, the diaphragm safety valve is preset to the required fixed set pressure by the manufacturer and is sealed with an embossed security cap marked with the test badge and pressure rating to prevent unauthorised tampering with the setting. Subsequent alteration of the setting is not permitted and is impossible without destroying the security cap. The preset pressure is embossed on the security cap.

Technical Properties

Set pressure 8 bar
Media The membrane safety valve is only suitable to drain drinking water from closed hot drinking water systems according to DIN 1988 and DIN 4753-1 for protection against exceeding pressure
  • Water
Medium type drinking water
Port connection internal threads
Mounting position horizontal
Max. media temperature 95 oC

Angled brass housing; spring steel adjustment spring; high grade synthetic material security cap with part label; hot water resistant elastomer diaphragm

Additional Descriptions
  • Certified to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Tested according EN 1491
  • Meets UBA regulations for drinking water
  • Standardized discharge connection
  • With lifting device
  • Protected against subsequent changing of the default settings