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OUR CUSTOMERS: Resideo OEM customers embed Resideo control products and solutions into their appliances to provide their customers with best in market appliance performance. Many of our customers have design and production locations spread across Europe. Our multinational teams support OEM customers both at their local operations as well at the customer headquarters. Our customers build many different appliance types ranging from Boilers, Heat pumps, Hybrid heating appliances and Gas Fires to Fan coil units, Air Handling units, Residential Ventilation systems and Potable water pump stations. Our customers know that the combination of Resideo's standard and customized products, together with our experienced design teams, help them to differentiate their products and gain market share in competitive markets.


OUR EXPERIENCE: Resideo's vast experience in a wide variety of control applications is an undeniable advantage. Our personal and collective commitment helps us achieve our No. 1 objective: meeting our customer's expectations. Our teams of experienced engineers and project managers work directly with OEM customers to understand their needs, create customized solutions and pull together a broad portfolio of products and systems to provide the solutions our customers need. Experienced project teams ensure that solutions are developed on time to meet both the customer expectations and the ever increasing demands of the market.


OUR TECHNOLOGY: Resideo OEM products are designed to comply with the most stringent regulations and quality standards. Thanks to this rigorous approach, our research and development divisions have maintained a consistent technological lead for example through the development of advanced RF and bus communication systems. Our factories work in cooperation with ISO certified suppliers. Environmental protection is one of our major priorities, both in our manufacturing processes as well as in the design of products, product packaging and system components. Many of Resideo's products help to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions. Protecting the environment and doing our part to save the planet. In particular the ixSCOTTM solution, the leading Electronic Gas Air control system found in over 2mio high efficiency boilers, is an example of Resideo's technology leadership.


OUR ORGANISATION: To ensure that OEM customers receive the service they need we have Account Management contacts in most countries in Europe. Our account professionals talk to OEM employees in local language and build the bridge to connect OEM experts with Resideo experts from a broad range of functions such as demand planning, research and development and quality control. Our customer focused teams pull together experience connecting technology and innovation to provide OEM customers with an experience we can be proud of.


OEM CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our target is to meet the market's most demanding requirements. Resideo products are designed to meet the expectations of both commercial and residential appliances and end users. We know that OEM customers need a lot more than just products. Best-in-class performance in all business areas such as delivery, quality, supply chain flexibility and integration into the OEM's own processes are just some examples of the all-round solutions which Resideo offers to ensure that our customers know that their choice for Resideo was the right one over and over again.


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