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Commercial Boilers

When it comes down to service, comfort, performance, environment and safety, more and more manufacturers are choosing Resideo for their products. The success of their products proves that they have made the right choice. After all, what could be better than installing all the Resideo know-how into your products?

Resideo is providing a very comprehensive range of products, which can offer in your commercial boiler:

  • Combined Ignition, boiler and cascade control for premix combustion boilers
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and flame sensing (ionization) not affected by power supply fluctuation and earthing
  • Proven technology based on maXsys™ control and CVI-VK, VR46xx, VR400 and SV2 valve families
  • user friendly local user interface with dot matrix display and clear text communication
  • special support for Sermeta TRIO heat exchanger


Application & Products

Product: maXsys

maXsys™ is an electronic safety boiler controller:

  • low power consumption
  • designed for high end residnetial and commercial premix boiler appliances
Product: goHAPI

goHAPI™ is an appliance user interface:

  • with on board self diagnostic/service capability
  • This MMI can be used in conjunction with existing maXsys™ boiler controllers and the HPC-r (heat pump) appliance controller
  • Some models have integrated cascading control for up to 6 boilers. It is easy to commission due to a auto-configuration feature (self-addressing)