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A microCHP appliance allows you to generate heat and electricity from a single source, close to the place it is used, on a building level.
CHP systems displace grid generated electricity. This means they are significantly more efficient than power stations, because energy isn't lost during transmission and transportation leading to considerably reduced carbon emissions.
Further money savings can be made through the feed-in tariff, which pays a generation tariff for every kWh or electricity you generate and an export tariff for the power you don't use which is exported back to the grid.

Resideo already developed a very comprehensive range of products, which can offer in your fuel cell microCHP appliance:

  • Safety checks on the stack unit

The peak load burner can offer:

  • Modulation band up to 1:6
  • High DHW modulation speed
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and ionization, not affected by power supply fluctuation
  • Easy-fitting solution for a wide range of boilers
  • Compact design and weight reduction
  • Lower electrical power consumption (in operating mode)
  • Customisable user interface platforms
  • Proven technology based on pneumatic 1:1 gas/air ratio control


Application & Products

Product: Safety controller

The safety controller can manage all the functionalities of the stack, providing all the necessary voltage checks with the right safety algorythm.

Product: px42

The pX42™ gas valve is a 1:1 gas/air combination gas control with 2 class C on/off valves. The pneumatic 1:1 servo regulator controls the right amount gas for the perfect gas/air combustion mixture.

Product: goHAPI

goHAPI™ is an appliance user interface with on board self diagnostic/service capability. This MMI can be used in conjunction with existing esys, neXsys, maXsys™ boiler controllers and HPC-r (heat pumps) appliance controller.