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Product Description

The VRI/VRE Three-Way Rotary Mixing Valve provides water temperature control in heating and air-conditioning applications.

These valves are designed for accurate mixing control of supply water temperature and return-flow temperature. The sturdy construction and brass material ensure long operating life and high reliability when used in combination with MRC actuator. The MRC actuator is designed to provide floating control in heating and air-conditioning systems. High control performance and rugged design are standard for that actuators. In combination with the VRI/VRE valves, it is possible to control very exact heating and cooling water temperatures. The mechanical interface between

Technical Properties

General description
  • Compact design
  • Internally and externally threaded valve versions
  • Direct mounted actuator on the valve
  • Pre-wired actuator with clear position indication
Kvs value 6.3
Media temp. 2 ... 110 oC
Nominal pressure PN10
DN size 20 mm
Angle of rotation 90 o
Port diameter 3/4 inch
Port connection internal threads
Protection class

Actuator MRC: IP44

Runtime 105 s
Actuator Type

Rotary actuator for VRI/VRE

Cable length 2 m
Power supply

230 Vac | 50 VA 

Valve type


Minimum pressure drop 1 bar
Medium heating or chilled water