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Radiator Thermostats T3019, Thera-6

Radiator Thermostats T3019, Thera-6

Product Description

Thermostatic radiator heads are self-actuating controllers which regulate the flow of hot water through thermostatic radiator valves to continuously control the room temperature to the set-point selected on the head.

The Thera-6 is a head with compact size, sleek design, energy efficiency and durability, which make it an ideal choice for residential heating applications.

Technical Properties

  • EN 215
  • Keymark
  • TELL I
  • Premium quality, liquid-filled, German-made sensor with high setting force and minimum hysteresis
  • Closed handle preventing dust accumulation
  • Handle made of non-yellowing ASA plastic for permanent good appearance
  • Internal structural ring from high-strength plastic for long durability
  • Highest-class Control Accuracy per amended EN215
  • TELL I -class energy efficiency certified according TELL labeling scheme
  • Compact size to fit most installations even with limited space available
  • Modern, stylish, easy to clean design
  • Easy to operate with ergonomic torque to turn the head to desired setting
  • Temperature range limitation by accessory range locks
  • Frost protection setting
  • A high-stroke variant enabling higher 2K p-band flows and proportional regulation with small p-band
  • Standard M30 x 1.5 connection to the valve body according to EN 215
  • Variants with connection for Danfoss RA valves
  • Variants with connection for Herz M28 valves
  • Variants with remote sensor on a 2m capillary
  • A theft protection ring available as accessory
  • Compatible with all MNG, Braukmann, Honeywell and Honeywell Home thermostatic valves with M30x1,5 connection produced by Resideo and its predecessors since 1974
Temperature element liquid-filled
Closing dimension 11.5 mm
Setpoint limiting Yes
Setpoint blocking Yes
Colour white
Max. operating temp. 40C

Certifications and Awards


Product Type EN215 certified
Body-head connection
Temp. setpoint range
Sensing element
Capillary tube length
Additional description

M30 x 1,5 6 ... 28 oC internal -

M30 x 1,5 1 ... 28 oC internal

M30 x 1,5 16 ... 27 oC internal -

M30 x 1,5 0 ... 22 oC internal -

M30 x 1,5 6 ... 28 oC remote 2 m -

M30 x 1,5 1 ... 28 oC remote 2 m

- RA-type 6 ... 28 oC internal -

- RA-type 1 ... 28 oC internal

- RA-type 16 ... 27 oC internal -

- M28 x 1,5 6 ... 28 oC internal -

- M28 x 1,5 1 ... 28 oC internal

M30 x 1,5 7 ... 26 oC internal -


Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Tool for assembly of radiator thermostats VA8210A001  
Range limiter for Thera-6 and Thera-4white (RAL9016), 20 pieces TA3000C019  
Theft-protection ring, white (RAL9016) TA6900A001