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Spare parts for the AfterMarket

​​Resideo is the worlds largest controls manufacturer, with a product portfolio ranging from the smallest sensor or switch, to systems which can fully control a power station or guide a jet aircraft without the need for visual references.

Resideo is the worlds largest producer of multifunctional gas controls for the heating appliance industry, with manufacturing location on two continents and sales to customers worldwide.
For over three decades, the Resideo name has been synonymous with multifunctional gas controls in the European market. Originally, the term ‘multifunctional’ described the three prime mechanical functions needed to control a simple gas appliance with a permanent standing pilot and on/off operation of the main burner. For these appliances a pilotstat safety valve, gas pressure regulator and an on/off demand operator were the only three functions needed to be combined in one multifunctional gas control.

Today, the control requirement on high efficiency heating appliances or combi boilers demand an increased number of mechanical and electronic functions. Over 80% of all domestic central heating appliances produced in Europe now feature automatic ignition of the main burner, therefore the ignition control is required as an essential component together with the gasvalve including sensors.
Resideo delivers a full range of products for the aftermarket. This range includes: Gas valves, electronics and accessories.


Application & Products

Gas valves

Full range of gas valves for atmospheric boilers, condensing boilers and power burners


Ignition controller, logic controller and oil controller


Temperature sensor, flow sensor, air pressure sensor, thermocouple, pilot burner, cable, orifice