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Indirect Heaters

Ermaf continues to drive the Air Heater technology with its indirect fired heaters into a new era. Closed combustion technology allows air heater to extract flue gasses to outside by a chimney so that humidity and temperature are controlled with minimum fresh air need. Better air-jet length is reached in addition to improved combustion safety on natural gas or propane.

Advantages of indirect air heating are:
  • Heat output contains only hot air and no CO2 or NOx
  • Combustion gasses are extracted via chimney. The result is that no additional ventilation of combustion gasses are needed which results in energy savings and better climate
  • Increased jet air length with laminar air flow
  • For combustion, fresh air is not consumed from the installation space
  • Hot air contains no moisture; the floor is then less wet: this means less diseases and higher productivity.
  • High safety combustion
  • Improved resistance to water jet cleaning


Application & Products

Serie RGA 100
Capacity 60-100 kW
Air displacement 8000 m³/h
Gas consumption Natural gas H 8,0 m³/h
Gas consumption Propane 6,9 m³/h
Gas pressure Natural gas H 20-25 mbar
Gas pressure Propane 50 mbar
Gas connection 3/4"
Electrical connection 230 V 900 W
Air supply safety Pressure-switch
Flame safety Ionisation
Effective heat range 40 m
Weight 110 kg
Length 1960 mm
Height 730 mm
Width 870 mm


  • Heating of greenhouses
  • Heating of stables
  • Heating of workshops and tents
  • Storage frost protection
  • Indirect fired with heat exchanger

The indirect fired air heater RGA100 is now upgraded with the new ACU controller and certified according to new Gas Appliance Regulation.

This boost even further the capabilities of the RGA air heaters, always based on the high quality and reliable design, well proven in the field in many years of operation.

The ACU controller offers modulation capability for RGA100, modulating from 60 to 100 kW, which translates into increased efficiency and temperature control possibilities.

No more temperature fluctuations: the modulation allows savings on fuel and increase the thermal comfort providing continuous air circulation with a temperature adequate to the actual heat demand.

All the operations on the ACU controller are much easier and faster: with an extra button on controller all is so intuitive!

The new smart design features increase the productivity and connectivity for your farms and green houses. The air heaters now provide not only more functionalities and reliability, but they are also more installer and end-user friendly, easier to service and clean.