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Diagnostics for boilers, heat pumps and hybrids

  • Resideo’s Remote Appliance Monitoring system provides real-time visibility, monitoring and fault diagnosis of the heating systems across your entire portfolio, from a single point of access and control, providing you with the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it
  • It increases business efficiencies for both you and your customers by increasing revenue opportunities, reducing time spent on wasted call-outs, providing a greater understanding of your heating portfolio and adding value and peace of mind for your customer
  • In an increasingly connected environment, Resideo’s Remote Appliance Monitoring system uses Resideo’s secure, connected infrastructure to bring the data from all of your heating assets safely together into one place, making them work harder for you and supporting you in your role as the expert

A regular maintenance must be done regularly (every year) if an home owner wants to preserve a warranty from a supplier. iXtool is an “appliance service tool”, designed to improve the service / maintenance experience of Installers/service Team.
The iXTool Consists of a WiFi bridge, enabling the connection between a gas appliance and a smartphone;
A dedicated APP (iOS / Android) is supporting the installers/service engineers in the commissioning and servicing of the appliance


Application & Products

Product: Remote Appliance Monitoring

  • Cloud-hosted technology allows you to access your Remote Monitoring Appliance system from any smartphone, tablet or PC, anytime, receiving alerts and updates about the heating system performance
  • Historical data is recorded to enable you to analyse and compare energy usage, temperature degradation and system downtime to inform future events and actions
  • The system can be integrated into your own, existing, monitoring systems, providing completely bespoke reporting to suit your business OR the predefined system offers standardised dashboards as a standalone solution
  • Remote Appliance Monitoring works with Resideo’s market-leading range of connected thermostats* which are widely available via multiple channels, and supported by a network of technical and consumer-facing experts
  • When the Remote Appliance Monitoring is linked to OpenTherm boilers, a large data set is available, including fault codes, detailed analytics and event tracking
  • You and your customers can rest assured that the system is safe. With a presence in more than 60 million homes and buildings, Resideo has designed connected home products with security in mind. Each security and home comfort system only communicates with certain Resideo servers and a variety of security technologies and procedures are used to help protect customer personal information and data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure
Product: iXTool

  • For local maintenance, servicing and commissioning
  • Wi-Fi bridge, enabling the connection between the appliance and a smartphone
  • Dedicated APP (iOS / Android) supporting the installers/service engineers in the commissioning and servicing of the appliance
  • Supported appliances: heat pumps, hybrids and boilers
  • Many functions supported:
    • Read history of the connected appliance
    • Error code description
    • Troubleshooting
    • Parameters check
    • Service report creation (pdf/txt..)
    • ..and many more