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Decorative Fireplaces

When it comes down to service, comfort, performance, environment and safety, more and more manufacturers are choosing Resideo for their products. The success of their products proves that they have made the right choice. After all, what could be better than installing all the Resideo know-how into your products?

The very comprehensive range of products, which can offer in your decorative fireplace:Compact design and weight reduction

  • Ignition control for direct burner ignition and pilot flame systems
  • Operation via remote control
  • Optional access via Smartphone or Tablet
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and ionization, not affected by power supply fluctuation
  • Proven technology based on ESYS control and CVI-VK valve families


Application & Products

Product: ESYS

ESYS - a low power consumption, safety electronic burner controller, designed for decorative fireplaces.

Product: CVI-VK-valve

The CVI-VK gas valve with Moduplus modulation is a combination of two safety on/off valves with modulation valve which controls the requested flame height.

Product: DFRC

DFRC - remote control for the fireplace appliance

Product: DFGT

DFGT - transceiver between the ESYS safety control and the DFRC remote control. It is also controlling the modulation valve.

Product: BRDG

BRDG - Bridge between the DFGT and the residential WLAN access point. This enables the Smartphone or Tablet access to the fireplace appliance