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High Efficiency Boilers

When it comes down to service, comfort, performance, environment and safety, more and more manufacturers are choosing Resideo for their products. The success of their products proves that they have made the right choice. After all, what could be better than installing all the Resideo know-how into your products?

The iXSCOT system offers:

  • Continuous monitoring of combustion quality
  • Reduction of appliance variants
  • Fast automatic adaptation to different gas types
  • No adjustments for air/gas-ratio control; touchless boiler
  • Simple installation, minimal commissioning (hang and heat)
  • Controlled, free programmable starting behaviour

The comprehensive X-line range of products, can offer in your condensing boiler:

  • Modulation band up to 1:8
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and ionization, not affected by power supply fluctuation
  • Easy-fitting solution for a wide range of boilers
  • Lower electrical power consumption (in operating mode)
  • Customisable user interface platforms
  • Proven technology based on pneumatic 1:1 gas/air ratio control


Application & Products

Product: iXSCOT

Electronic Combustion Control system, working with CES10 Gas Valve and both KM8 and neXsys boiler controller; it provides adjustment free commissioning and optimal combustion over the appliance lifetime, regardless the type of gas.

Product: neXsys

neXsys - a low power consumption, safety electronic boiler controller, designed for entry level domestic premix boiler appliances. New features on board like simple solar functionalities, flexible user interface, cost effective wiring integration, and backward compatibility with actual VK series gas valve.

Product: pX42

The pX42™ gas valve is a 1:1 gas/air combination gas control with 2 class C on/off valves. The pneumatic 1:1 servo regulator controls the right amount gas for the perfect gas/air combustion mixture.

Product: goHAPI

goHAPI™ is an appliance user interface with on board self diagnostic/service capability. This MMI can be used in conjunction with existing esys, neXsys, maXsys™ boiler controllers and HPC-r (heat pumps) appliance controller.