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Hybrids are a key technology for providing decarbonised heating especially of the existing building stock (renovations). They combine the high efficiencies of heat pumps with the additional flexibility of the gas combustion. Especially in periods (typically a few weeks during the winter), when the heating demand is high but the share of renewables is moderate (due to low solar irradiation and a period of moderate wind) hybrid systems offer additional flexibility. Another main benefit is that they make maximum use of the heat pump under conditions when it can operate at optimum efficiency but allows a boiler to provide the peak heating demands e.g. under very cold conditions or fast heat up periods when the heart pump is less efficient.

Resideo developed a dedicated solution for compact hybrid gas boilers and heat pump.
The solution is composed by the Heat Pump Controller and the Safety Module.
The Heat Pump Controller, managing the external unit, offers:

  • Integrated MMI
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic control logics
  • Modbus interface

The safety module, an innovative gas valve with on board safety electronics, offers:

  • Modulation band up to 1:6
  • High DHW modulation speed 
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and ionization, not affected by power supply fluctuation
  • Compact design and weight reduction
  • Lower electrical power consumption (in operating mode)
    The Safety Module is connected via a serial line protocol to the Heat Pump Controller


Application & Products

Heat Pump controller

The HPC-r can control the internal distribution unit and the peak load burner, via the safety module. In addition, it offers:

  • Distribution circuits control (2 zones, one of them mixed), via OpenTherm protocol
  • Integrated MMI with LCD and backlight
  • Rubber key-pad (customizable)
  • Solar functionalities (Photovoltaic or thermal)
  • Modbus protocol
Safety module

The safety module main task is to handle all the safety function of the burner, according to EN298. In addition, it offerts all the advantages of the pX42™ gas valve:

  • 1:1 gas/air combination gas control with 2 class C on/off valves
  • Pneumatic 1:1 servo regulator controls the right amount gas for the perfect gas/air combustion mixture
  • on board safety electronics, to control all the peak load burner functionalities

It communicates to the main controller via a serial protocol, enhancing all functionalities and diagnostics features. A led on the module gives information on the status: green if all is ok, red in case of wrong functioning.