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Standard Efficiency Boilers

Even the standard efficiency boiler can benefits from the latest Resideo developments, both in controllers and gas valves. The Aurora platform can be the right choice, in terms of performances, time to market and costs.

​The very comprehensive range of products, which can offer in your atmospheric boiler:

  • High DHW modulation speed
  • Improved appliance reliability through ignition spark and ionization, not affected by power supply fluctuation
  • Compact design and weight reduction
  • Lower electrical power consumption (in operating mode)
  • Customisable user interface platforms
  • Proven servo actuated operators


Application & Products


Aurora - a low power consumption, safety electronic boiler controller, designed for entry level domestic atmospheric boiler appliances.

  • Fully featured burner control, with high-end look&feel MMI option, easy to Customize
  • Based on Resideo Design Excellence and DFSS criteria.
  • Proven ESYS safety core structure (> 1Mpcs in field)
  • Robust operation in all critical electric power supply conditions
  • Standard version based on normal APS control
  • Already >150kpcs in the field

The Atmix is an electronic controlled gas valve, which offers

  • Stepper motor based modulation offering repeatability, low hysteresis, low consumption
  • Proven servo actuated operators
  • Electronic pressure settings, no mechanical adjustments needed
  • Low electric consumption single coil construction (<7W)