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Smart Home System

The concept of a start-stop automatic system is already known to many in the car industry. Here, the automatic system reduces fuel consumption when the vehicle is stationary. At a traffic light stop, it switches off the engine and restarts it unaided when the journey is continued. This saves fuel and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. The start-stop automatic system for the heating control operates in a similar way and with the same sustainability.
If no heat is requested from the individual room control, its heat generation is automatically switched off. Heat is only supplied when required. So no heat is wasted on a speculative basis in standby mode. As a result, the heating system always operates in a highly efficient, uniquely energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious manner.


Applications & products

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The SMILE system can be quickly installed and put into operation by the specialist installer. The system settings and the network configuration are performed exclusively via a laptop or tablet, a standard browser and the setup assistant. You will immediately see how simple, continuous and efficient the SMILE heating control system operates with only one controller for wall radiators or floor heating and heat generator.