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Temperature Regulation

​​Indirect and direct metering

Italian legislation, with its various regional and national regulations, promotes the sustainable refurbishment of existing buildings based on room temperature regulation and heat metering.

  • EU Directive 2012/27/EU of October 25, 2012 on energy efficiency: introduces the concept of individual metering, preferably direct or, if not technically possible, of an indirect type.
  • Legislative Decree No. 102 of July 18, 2014: strengthens the use of the UNI10200 Technical Standard and defines administrative sanctions in case of non-compliance with the decree.
  • Presidential Decree 74 of April 16, 2013: redefines the maximum reference values for summer and winter temperature averages in buildings to be air conditioned according to the geographic region.

By installing a heat cost allocator and metering system, each apartment in the condominium can be assigned a cost allocation system based on what is actually consumed: heat where and when you need it, and lower bills, thanks to independent management. In this way, users can switch from a condominium expense rate table to costs based on actual consumption.

It is possible to intervene on existing buildings by installing allocation systems, while newly constructed buildings are already equipped with user modules for direct heat and water metering. Metering is also the first step towards full energy efficiency because, with the amount of savings depending on the virtuous behaviours of the single user, it encourages property renovations. Radio frequency metering systems, thanks to their simplicity of installation, also facilitate system upgrading.


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Indirect metering solutions

Direct metering solutions