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Smart Home Platforms

Smart Home systems connect different devices in the house and enable their smart control and monitoring, which are precisely customized to the specific requirements of the homeowners. Depending on the time of day, day of the week, or the values of certain sensors, special usage scenarios can be programmed for different components, such as heaters or safety solutions, which automatically provide the desired settings at the right time.
The status of devices can also be accessed and regulated while on the road via an app. With the help of common smarthome platforms, such as Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa, different areas of the house can also be connected and centrally controlled. In this way, intelligent systems make living more comfortable, safer, and energy-saving.


Applications & Products

From radiator thermostats and safety cameras to water leak and freeze detectors, Honeywell Home has a range of smart products for various applications that can be connected to other common smarthome platforms. In this way, various other areas of the house can be easily controlled via one app.

You can find out which product is compatible with which platform in the detailed information on the respective product or in our connected overview brochure.

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