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Temperature Controls

Resideo boasts 130 years of history, which starts with temperature control: in 1885 it developed a thermostat system to control room temperature in residential buildings in the United States, and in 1906 it created the first time-controlled thermostats.
Today, Honeywell Home's temperature control solutions ensure high quality control, programming simplicity and attractive design. From the simplest to the most advanced, they all help to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort.
A temperature control system lets you maintain an optimum comfortable temperature, even when the weather changes, it adjusts to the best time to switch the heating on, avoiding the unnecessary waste of energy.


Applications & Products

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The range
Honeywell Home offers a wide array of solutions that vary depending on the system and on the user's needs and spending powder. Solutions range from classic programmable digital or analogue chronothermostats to temperature zone control systems, and through to the latest frontier in smart, connected home devices, with remote control and temperature control based on location (geofencing).

Product Range


Evohome is a smart tool that recognises when a window is open and that can learn individual heating habits. It independently controls the temperature in each room.

  • Independent control of up to 12 different zones
  • System remote control via smartphone
  • RF system, colour touch screen display
  • Modern design, adaptable to all environments

The T4 chronothermostat is easy to install and configure - the ideal choice when replacing an old thermostat. It is available in two models: a standard wired version and a wireless version, T4R, with optional OpenTherm control via the receiver, replacing a wireless system.

  • Intuitive interface to simplify control
  • Automatic modulation to optimise energy efficiency
  • Minimum user interaction, maximum heating mode optimisation
Lyric T6

Lyric T6 is a latest-generation chronothermostat that controls heating through intuitive and advanced functions, typical of the new connected devices

  • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • Temperature control based on location (geofencing)
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
Connected Y87

Connected Y87 is a simple and reliable alternative to home temperature control. It looks like a simple ON/OFF system, but its acquires all chronothermostat functions via the APP.

  • Remote control via smartphone or tablet
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Control via APP
  • Compatible with any home heating system
CM 900

CM 900 is a series of programmable digital chronothermostats designed to achieve savings and ensure ease of use. Daily or weekly depending on the model.

  • Large backlit display
  • User-friendly “OK” button to confirm settings
  • Dynamic text
  • Radio frequency in CMT927 RF model

The CM700 range of programmable room thermostats is designed to provide a cost effective means of automatic time and temperature control of a domestic heating premises..

  • Daily/weekly programming
  • 4 programmable temperature levels
  • User-friendly “OK” button to confirm settings
  • Large display

CM30 is a series of analogue chronothermostats with ON/OFF control. The user need only set the desired temperature using the different coloured knobs.

  • Daily/weekly programming
  • 2 temperature levels: Comfort and Economy
  • Possibility of several daily settings
Multi-Zone Management
Power Source
Summer/Winter Mode
Classe ErP
EVOHOME T6 Y87 T4 CM900 CM700 CM31
TCC Home App TCC
A wall and table support A wall and table support Wall A wall and table support (version T4R) Wall Wall Wall
Weekly Weekly, 5+2 days Weekly (via App) Weekly, 5+2 days Weekly and daily Weekly and daily Weekly and daily (via analog clock)
Touch Screen Backlit Touch Screen Backlit Backlit Backlit Backlit Backlit
(version T4R)
230V + battery, 2 hours 230V Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery
VII -5% V -3% IV -2% V -3% IV -2% IV -2% IV -2%