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Smart Home zone control

Smart Home systems enable a connected home. With single-storey heating systems, this means that the apartment is heated according to intelligent, tailor-made schedules based on individual needs - and only when someone is at home. Due to the automatic reduction of the temperature at times when the apartment is not occupied, the system has high energy saving potential.
Thanks to geofencing (location based temperature control), homeowners no longer have to think about adjusting the heating system before they leave. Instead, a programmed thermostat automatically takes over and can also be operated from on the go via an app.


Applications & Products

​With the T6 thermostat, Honeywell Home offers automatic regulation for single storey heating systems that can be controlled while on the move and linked to other smart home solutions. The T4 and CM900 programmable thermostats require less user interaction and no internet access all the while without sacrificing convenience.

An overview of our other smarthome solutions can be found here.

For additional consumer information, see

Switching points per day
Power supply
External temperature sensor
Control of oil/gas-fired boiler (1-stage) possible
Floor heating compatibility
Remote access
Wireless version
Platform compatibility
App control


room thermostat

room thermostat

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with seperate reciever box (included) Batteries (2 x 1,5 LR6 AA Alkaline) Batteries (2 x 1,5 LR6 AA Alkaline)
available (T6R model) available (T4R model) available (CMT927A1064 model)
Apple HomeKit,
Amazon Alexa,
Home App N/A N/A​